Muscles and intestine: Key factors in rehabilitation and recovery

Rehabilitation is dependent on numerous biochemical processes in the body. The efficacy and speed of these processes depends primarily on the intake and digestion of nutrients, which vary between individuals. The intestine, as the site of nutrient absorption, and the muscles, with their supportive and protective functions, are at the forefront of the healing process. This means that, here too, the muscles and intestine are crucial when it comes to rehabilitation and recovery.

For sportspeople, vitamins are no less important than an effective training session. The same applies to minerals, fatty acids, and other vitamin-like substances. All these micro nutrients have an impact on your health and personal energy levels. They enhance performance and recovery, and support your body’s resilience.

Orthomolecular medicine therefore focuses on supplying the body with the crucial micronutrients in an appropriate dosage and composition. As individual micronutrients act synergistically, it is important to supply them in combination. For example, they can only have a positive effect on metabolic processes and on building up the immune system when taken in the optimum combination.

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