What is cellulite?

Cellulite is a cosmetic problem, but reflects a poor nutritional and digestive state in the body. Cellulite is the body’s own toxin dump. The process begins in the intestine where foodstuffs are metabolised by candida fungi into toxic—in other words poisonous—products. These toxins are absorbed into the blood system through the intestinal wall. The body is able to metabolise a small amount of poison through exercise (or sport), but if this quantity becomes too large, the body stores these poisons visibly on the thigh. In order to bind the toxins there, they are first neutralised with water and then bound by fat in situ so that they are no longer harmful to the body.

Cellulite affects women at an increasingly young age. While previously it was a complaint of women aged between 25 and 35, the age of those affected has now fallen below 15. There are even cases of children younger than 8 suffering from cellulite. What has changed in the last 30 years? Eating and drinking habits have deteriorated markedly. Sugar, white bread, fat, convenience food, alcohol, and pharmaceuticals are consumed on an almost daily basis. They provide the substrate for candida fungi, which subsequently produce toxins. Treating cellulite requires an understanding of its causes. Too little attention is given to the fact that toxins produced during digestion are responsible for the formation of cellulite. Treatment with conventional creams is therefore unsuccessful.

Why is the VIANESSE cellulite protection programme so effective?

The toxin/water/fat compound is broken down. At the same time, the blood must be able to absorb and remove the toxins. This is only achieved if the intestine is no longer producing new toxins. The prerequisites for removing cellulite effectively are:

1. The ability of the body lotion to break down the toxin/water/fat compound.

2. A healthy intestine (no supply of new toxins), which can be achieved with the support of VIANESSE prebiotic chewing drops and VIANESSE BODY SHAPE alongside healthy eating, exercise, and pure drinking water.

Treating yourself from the inside with VIANESSE prebiotic chewing drops and BODY SHAPE cleanses your intestine and builds up your muscles, supporting the blood’s ability to remove toxins. This tightens the skin on the outside.

Tips for skin that’s beautiful, smooth, and firm:

Apply vitamin body lotion to the affected areas daily, mornings and evenings (more frequently, if required).

Drink 2 to 3 litres of water daily and little or no alcohol; physical exercise is beneficial.

Take 6 to 8 prebiotic chewing drops daily.

Add 2 × 2 measuring spoons of BODY SHAPE to your daily diet.

Keep to a diet that is low in fat and sugar, and rich in fibre.

You will soon see and feel the results.

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