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The aim of anti-ageing programmes is to delay or stop the ageing process and thus the chronic illnesses associated with growing older. Your golden years should be filled with a better quality of life, greater vitality, and improved health. There are good reasons why amino acids are known as the most important building blocks of life. They are essential for all metabolic processes. An undersupply has a negative effect, resulting in wrinkles, brittle hair and nails, and cellulite. When it comes to ageing, amino acids are veritable explosions of vital substances. Even modern scientists attribute ageing processes to the increasing loss of or inadequate supply of amino acids. To supply the body with the correct, balanced amount of vitamins, trace elements, and secondary plant substances, you need to consume a selection of fruit and vegetables in all colours of the rainbow. Red, green, and yellow peppers, for example, contain different vital substances. The mixture is what counts.

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